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      Over 25 years of experience goes into each batch of coffee roasted by Cafe Liano. We are proud to be a small family-owned business in the heart of the Bay Area. We treat coffee as Mother Nature intended for us to enjoy it.... simple and with just a hint of passion and a whole lot of love! This is the foundation of Cafe Liano and this is what we offer; nothing less but a lot more!! With my best intentions, communities, and OUR home in mind, I offer you nothing but the passion & love that my journey in this beautiful life has given me to apply to this opportunity of a lifetime.
My father's passion is roasting and you can taste it and feel it while drinking your favorite morning cup of sunshine in the comfort of YOUR sanctuary. My goal is that you enjoy a great quality cup of coffee each beautiful morning!
Thank You & Love, 
Cesar, Founder
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
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